Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nirvana never played Sudsy's. They played at "Shorty's", a defunct Short Vine club.

There are persistent urban legends surrounding where and when Nirvana played in Cincinnati.  Contrary to popular belief, they NEVER played Bogart's and they NEVER played Sudsy's.  They did play Murphy's Pub in 1989 (still there on W. Clifton) and twice within three weeks at "Shorty's Underground", a club in the building that now houses the CD/Game Exchange at the corner of Corry and Short Vine.  

According to this website, Nirvana played Cincinnati on these dates:

10/6/89 Murphy's Pub
4/14/90 Shorty's
5/10/90 Shorty's 

Nirvana was also scheduled to play a defunct Newport bar called the "Top Hat" on 7/18/89 but cancelled.  They were also scheduled to headline Lallapalooza's 7/20/94 stop at Riverbend but unfortunately the band no longer existed.   

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