Monday, July 22, 2013

Spotting undercover prostitutes on McMicken St.

Schwart'z Point is one of the most intense 5-way intersections in the United States.  The streets and buildings converge in dramatic fashion, and somebody is always doing something a little suspicious.  

This past weekend I was treated the sight of these two orange cats doing some goofy dance and this ridiculous undercover prostitute all in one frame: 


For the benefit of Jerry Springer, should he be reading this, let's count the giveaways:

1. The sort-of yoga pants
2. The feigned text messaging
3. The too-healthy skin and hair
4. Location, Location, Location (Schwartz's Point?  Seriously?!)
5. The sort-of yoga pants

And what can't be seen from this photo is how sloppy her wave was.  It was like someone merely renting a jeep attempting the jeep wave.  I pity the fool who rolled into this trap!