Monday, June 17, 2013

Why aren't we being warned anymore about the imminent collapse of the Brent Spence Bridge?

Last year I did a post on the sensational mailer sent out by "".  The campaign also included some completely outrageous radio spots, with kids singing "America's bridges falling down" to the tune of London Bridge.

Here was the mailer:

And here is now:

Here is what remains of the radio spot audio files:

But wait, the union is exploiting the most recent major bridge collapse:

...and here our question is partly answered.  Their fear campaign has left Cincinnati's airwaves and mailboxes because Kasich is determined to make his public-private partnership avoid union labor as much as possible.  It appears that this union has stopped warning of the Brent Spence Bridge's imminent collapse since it doesn't appear their members will be building it.  

Here we see a paradox of American life today: the unions want construction work and the easiest way to get it is through road and highway projects since they never require a public vote.  If public transportation were to suddenly be given the exemption from democracy that has been enjoyed by the highway lobby for over 50 years, we would no doubt see the unions back those types of projects.  But this union is unfortunately using fear to get unnecessary make-work projects funded.  


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  1. That mailer is totally outrageous...who exactly was behind it? Was it the same union?

    Though of course I can't blame them too much. I've always personally wanted to (and would if I had the $$$ for a major media campaign) make a tv ad in the style of the worst political ads showing obese children with asthma watching their puppy get crushed by an SUV or something equally awful next to an exhaust filled and desolate highway ramp while happy, well-dressed, charming people whoosh by in a surprisingly well-lit Amtrak lounge car holding fruity cocktails and laughing amongst themselves at some witty remark another.

    Actually, I think I may kind of love their you pointed out though, it would be great if they weren't acting on the side of cars and depressing highway expansion projects.