Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clint Eastwood steals empty chair gag from Cincinnati's Murray Seasongood

This past week we were treated to the old empty chair gag courtesy Clint Eastwood.  If you have studied Cincinnati history in the least you know that Murray Seasongood pulled this stunt way back in 1923~ while working to destroy Boss Cox's political machine:

The Republican government agreed to a series of public debates, but after seeing the disastrous results of Seasongood's debate with Vice Mayor Froome Morris, the remaining debates were cancelled. Seasongood then carried on, with an empty chair standing in for the administration.

Okay, not quite the same situation, but nevertheless the empty chair thing has been around for awhile.  The above passage was copied and pasted from this website, but if you want more insight into the magnificent bullshitter that was Murray Seasongood, head down to the main library when you have some time and glance over Murray Seasongood: Selection from Speeches 1900-1959, or if you're made of money just one-click it at  

Oh, and it was Murray Seasongood, more than any other single person, who smeared Cincinnati's Rapid Transit Loop and caused our subway project to be abandoned.  


  1. You can kind of trace it back to the 9th century papacy when they dug up a dead pope & tried him (he lost the case). Granted, it wasn't an empty chair but a trial is a little more formal than a debate, so....
    The Cadaver Synod

  2. Wait, you said he debated Vice Mayor Froome Morris. Don't you mean Tom Luken?