Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Riverside Drive bike lanes vs. Pacific Coast Highway

The City of Cincinnati has restriped Eastern Ave. aka Riverside Dr. with bike lanes.  Suddenly, many people believe biking on Eastern Ave. aka Riverside Dr. is safe.  But as someone who has biked this road over 100 times, and has biked pretty much every other main road in the city, I say with confidence that it was just about the easiest and safest road to bike in Cincinnati before the lanes.  


Because it's level and there's no traffic on it.  No other road in our area fits that description.  Why is there no traffic on it?  Because it was bypassed by Columbia Parkway in 1937.  

Meanwhile, out in Malibu, CA, there is only one street, period.  It's the famous Pacific Coast Highway, and despite these less-than-ideal conditions, bikers are making it happen out there.  I took this photo on a visit last month:

Fact is, people who bike, hike, run, climb, and surf in California make us look like wimps.  So next time you hear someone complaining about bicycling conditions in Cincinnati, remember this photo, and know that there's not just one, but thousands of people in California who wouldn't even blink at whatever some Cincinnatian is complaining about.


  1. But would they ride in January?
    It was a bavillion years ago that I was on that road (& I don't recall any friggin sound walls) but the coastal highway was, for the most part about like rt 68 in Ohio except with cliffs.
    Most of the bike lanes in Cincinnati seem to be where you don't really need any help and they confuse the drivers which just makes the roads more dangerous.

  2. I agree, we seem to only have bike lanes on the roads that don't really need them. The first street with bike lanes was, I think, Este Ave.

  3. I hope the restriping is just the first step and curbs go in also, otherwise we'll just have people parking their cars there.