Saturday, July 21, 2012

MTV's fake 1995 visit to King's Island...

When cocktail party conversation turns to MTV's The Grind, yours truly will be quick to mention the show's phony 1995 visit to King's Island. After weeks of radio ads, upon arrival it was revealed to be a bit of a scam -- it wasn't actually THE Grind, but rather the sale of the brand name to some sort of touring DJ outfit.  I remember there being some sort of set they built around the DJ stand, but I don't remember there being any MTV logo, there definitely weren't any video cameras, and certainly no yo-yo-yo this is Eric Neiss from The Grind.

Anyway, the event was completely horrible.  It was basically what you're about to see below, except on a concrete patio in the Waterworks section of the park, and substitute all these people for Kings High School students wearing Taz shirts and No Fear visors.  Skip ahead to 3:21 to catch a glimpse of the dude wearing the ski goggles (if you can stomach another minute, he reappears with a referee whistle):

The detail I do remember quite well from the night was trying to meet up with some Colerain girls using a King's Island pay phone -- calling them with the pay phone's number earlier in the day, then standing around said pay phone around 9pm for them to call back saying if they were coming or not.  

Interestingly, this circa 1991 report on The Real World by Entertainment Tonight (the world's first reality show, and where The Grind's Eric Nies got his start) insinuates that the producers intentionally outfitted that apartment with only one telephone:

So in case you're wondering...I knew with that pay phone nonsense that I was setting myself up to look really dumb in front of my friends if the girls said they were coming but didn't show up. But by the mid-90s my prowess on Cincinnati's teen club dance floors was legend, and just minutes after they did in fact arrive and we took to the dance floor, they turned around a left were fighting all those swarming Kings High School girls for a piece.  

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