Monday, October 3, 2011

Nobody Showed Up to the Oct 3 COAST Fundraiser!

COAST, the nasty anti-tax, anti-facts organization that concocted 2009's Issue 9, is attempting to block all rail public transportation in Cincinnati again. 2011's Issue 48 will block planning and construction of ALL RAIL TRANSIT in Cincinnati until 2020 -- no American city has ever voted itself into such a corner, and Cincinnatians will not this November.

But COAST's outrageous activities have received HUNDREDS OF HOURS of free promotional time on local talk radio over the past few years, and they keep having their legs humped by Eric Deters, Doc Thompson, Brian Thomas and the other shills who make a living tricking former high school athletes and the little old ladies who bore them. If not for these three or four assholes (and whatever mysterious entity funds them), Cincinnati would enjoy a much more civil public discourse. Oh -- and the long-planned streetcar would be under construction as we speak.

On Monday Oct 3, COAST staged a fundraiser at Mecklenburg Gardens. Whereas a NO ON 9 Cincinnatians for Progress event in 2009 drew hundreds to that very same restaurant, tonight's COAST pro-Issue 48 event attracted maybe 25 people. That's being kind -- I'm counting about 15 heads in this photo:

But you guessed it -- TV COVERED THIS NON-EVENT!

Any COAST event, no matter how small, is always accompanied by exotic vehicles:

No sign of any elected officials or anyone seeking office (like, say, Chris Smitherman). This event was a TOTAL BUST and indicative of just how feeble an organization COAST is. But no doubt the butt sniffing and leg humping will continue straight through the election, and deep into the 21st century.


  1. Let's play "Guess who drove the Porsche".

    My money's on the bald white guy.

  2. Finney rode a fraternity paddle to the event...skywrote "surrender mallory" above corryville

  3. COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd, the bald white guy, doesn't own the Porsche. He lost his home in a foreclosure last year

    Now COAST deadbeat Treasurer Mark Miller is losing his home in foreclosure too!

    COAST is a group of deadbeats and sociopaths