Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Barry Horstman is twice your age and can walk twice as fast!

Back in May, Barry Horstman claimed that the 3-mile streetcar route could be walked in 34 minutes. The next day, instead of retracting Horstman's preposterous article, Morning After editor Carl Weiser dismissively challenged those who challenged Hostman's methodology to

Carl, why didn't you make Horstman prove that he actually walked 6mph (the pace of an Olympic Power Walker) by using a GPS app on his cell phone? They're free, after all.

I got around to doing it today, and my walk proves that Horstman more or less used his one-way time as his round-trip time, if he even made the walk at all. I'm half Horstman's age but somehow he can walk twice as fast?

Here is my GPS data (the mileage is exaggerated due to the GPS errors which occur around tall buildings, but the time is correct):
[Click Here for a link directly to this Runkeeper activity]

Predictably, this lie introduced by The Morning After keeps being told and retold (skip ahead to :58):

This whole thing smells like a set-up so it's unclear if replacement of The Morning After's entire staff with a crop of desperate young j-school grads would make any difference.

Update 6/23/11 11:32am
That's their story (and in this case it really is a story) and they're sticking to it:

Mr. Mecklenborg

Thanks for the post. I'm confident Barry did walk that route in the time he said. But, as my follow-up blog notes, it may be a faster time than other pedestrians may experience.

I did not intend for the blog to be 'dismissive,' but hoped it would spur others to walk it - like you did - and submit their times.


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  1. You should send this to the Enquirer

  2. the enquirer is too busy trying to create drama to give a crap about actual news or the truth.

  3. I did email the Enquirer and just added their response.

  4. Is this athletic ability what kept Horstmann rom getting laid off? Is the Fishwrap newsroom full of supermen?

  5. Barry is an accomplished marathon runner with marathons such as the NYC marathon under his belt, many times over. If he says he walked the route, he did. And he also does walk really fast, faster than normal people. So maybe it was not a good comparison considering how fit he is, however, by no means untrue.