Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Streetcars Preferred Over Busses" -- article from 1925

Here we are reading the very beginnings of the disassembly of Cincinnati's original streetcar system -- specifically the circa 1925 consideration of bus service in place of streetcars on Ludlow Ave. in Clifton.  The occasion was the reconstruction of Ludlow Ave. from a narrow 2-lane country road to the wide boulevard still seen today (two fragments of the original Ludlow Ave. of course still survive to its north).  The streetcar company sought to save money on its street paving obligations (The Cincinnati Street Railway was required per its franchise to pave the space between its tracks, a foot to either side, and the space between double-tracks) by substituting busses.   This move would have transferred the cost of paving the center of the rebuilt Ludlow Ave. to the Park Board.  After considerable debate, streetcar tracks were built in the new Ludlow Ave., but only remained there for about 20 years.  

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  1. I've been reading a series of letters written during the 40's i n Cincinnati, and the citizens of Cincinnati who wrote them were having trouble getting to work via busses and streetcars both. They wrote long paragraphs about 'making good connections' or 'missing a connection' and having to go to such and such part of town instead, or having to quit shopping early in order to catch the correct ride home. I also am drawing a series of pieces depicting the old buildings in Cincinnati, if you're interested. I'd be honored to have one on your blog.