Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get to know King Records on Youtube

One-by-one people have been posting various King Records singles on Youtube, and it's one knock-out after another.  

Sadly my story -- that of a Cincinnati native who didn't even know King Records existed until I moved elsewhere -- isn't an unusual one.  While living in Kansas City in 1996 I saw a DJ play nothing but King Records singles for two hours straight.    

It was all stuff like this:

King Records recordings are now played regularly by the DJ's on medium-wattage WNKU, but otherwise they continue to wallow in obscurity, as does the King Records building itself.  

Do yourself a favor and type "Cincinnati King Records" into the Youtube search bar and spend some time getting to know the seemingly endless number of killer tracks recorded 30 feet from I-71 in Evanston.  


  1. Shake-It has carried a couple of great compilations of the King (and a bunch of their sub-labels).

    1. Yeah I bought a two-disc set there a few years ago, but generally I stay out of that place because I can't get out of there without buying $200 worth of stuff. I stay out of used book stores for the same reason.

  2. Anything on WAIF?
    There's a "Cincy Blues" show - Mon @ 8
    WAIF Program Guide

    1. I don't listen to WAIF much. I don't remember them playing King Records stuff when I was in high school, when I was a fairly regular listener. I definitely was introduced to a lot of other stuff for the first time on WAIF, though.