Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OKI's 1970's plan for the Wasson Rd. Railroad

I put together last night's post very quickly, and forgot that I had this late 1970's drawing of OKI's light rail plan, which envisioned use of the Wasson Rd. railroad:
[Click Here for a much larger version of this map]

This was OKI's first light rail plan, and it dated from the late 1970's, after the abandonment of the CL&N railroad through Walnut Hills and Norwood. This plan also envisioned use of Cincinnati's old subway tunnel beneath Central Parkway, with an extension dug under Clifton Heights to Martin Luther King Drive near the UC library.

OKI's late 1970's light rail plan contrasted wildly with its Washington Metro-style rapid transit plan drawn in 1971:
[Click Here for a larger version of this map]

This plan consisted of at least ten miles of tunnels and twenty miles of aerial construction. In today's dollars it would cost between $5 and $10 billion to construct.

This plan illustrates the importance of the Wasson Rd. railroad -- part of what makes it so attractive is that it misses Hyde Park Square. Why is this important? Because Hyde Park Residents would likely prevent the construction of any high rises near Hyde Park Square, and without increased density, the extreme expense of tunneling beneath the area cannot be justified. Meanwhile, the Wasson Rd. line will be much less expensive to construct (even if a tunnel is required), AND Rookwood Commons, Hyde Park Plaza, and light industrial sites along Wasson could eventually be redeveloped into higher density residential and commercial properties.

Both of these drawings, along with about 150 others, appear in my book.

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