Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Western-Southern: Move the Arch St. Houses to The Banks!

The internet is percolating with rumors regarding Western-Southern's tower plans at Third & Broadway, currently site of the old orange parking garage with the spinning clock. Some claim that the company is planning a new office tower for the site taller than Queen City Square.

But if a new tower is built in place of the old orange garage, no doubt Western-Southern will want the land currently occupied by a trio of old town homes on Arch St. At present, those homes are not serving as residences -- in fact they were used as construction offices while Queen City Square was erected on the next block.

Instead of demolishing the houses, Western-Southern should move them to The Banks. They are hidden at present but could be given new life on the riverfront as homes, bars, or retail. And while they're at it, they need to find a new home for the spinning clock.



  1. Would the row houses fit in at The Banks? When I interviewed W&S's VP he mentioned that they may be looking at another tower, but it was still in the planning phases and would require the coup of a major tenant maybe from another city.

    That would be awesome to have ANOTHER new skyscraper built. I'd be wary of how it would look on the skyline though.

  2. I almost wonder if those houses could be relocated to the future caps over Fort Washington Way. There is that odd collection of similarly scaled buildings along Main Street that these would help provide some friendly neighbors.

    Plus, whatever goes on the caps over FWW can't be much, and it's my understanding that the Main Street bridge is one of the strongest spanning the interstate below.

  3. New tower!?!! Wha wha wha whaaaaat?!?!?!?!

  4. The clock needs to go to the American Sign Museum if they can't re-use it somewhere downtown.

  5. Randy, I'd shy away from the cap idea because the caps will be a bridge-type structure whereas The Banks is supported on a grid of pillars. Looking way ahead, like 100 years ahead, I bet the caps will have to be replaced much sooner than The Banks.

  6. Jacob,
    I believe the existing infrastructure in place is designed to accomodate load bearing caps. I assume that these designes were well considered and should be designed to last a long time. As far as how much weight they can support, I'm not sure, I would also be somewhat concerned with vibrations from the highway compromising the structural integrity of those old buildings.

  7. I just hope any new tower isn't as ugly as Queen City Square. I thought that building would grow on me over time, but I still really just don't like it.

  8. Hello,
    My GGG Grandparents lived at 27 Arch Street, does anyone know if that building is still standing?
    Cathy in Chicago