Monday, January 9, 2012

Public Transportation is Communist!

The Morning After actually published this:

Streetcar is a Communist Idea

'Throughout this nation’s great history, we have fought many evil forces. The Axis powers in he 40′s, The USSR during the Cold War, The terrorists as of late. In Cincinnati, there is a new battle of good vs evil. That is why I am shocked that many in Cincinnati want to emulate the USSR and build a communist streetcar system.

Do not let this monstrosity be built. Our forefathers wouldn’t let it happen.

Clive Johnson


Is this letter a joke? If so, some readers certainly didn't interpret it as such, since the UAW did successfully fight SORTA's 1979 and 1980 ballot issues by calling buses "communist".

And Reagan certainly thought public transportation was a joke:

I remember seeing this exact clip on the nightly news as a kid. The absence of such propaganda in the 20 years since George H.W. Bush left office is part of the reason why our country's young adults don't care so much about cars. But those naive conceptions of "communism" still motivate those who laugh at mention of our old subway and cheered the scrapping of our original streetcar system.


  1. Cincinnati Subway Boondoggle ranked #4 on list of 6 Modern Ghost Towns:
    Streetcar Boondoggle should at least earn an asterisk.

  2. So when does Mark Miller's foreclosed Hyde Park home join the Haunted Cincinnati tour?