Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cincinnati Enquirer mistakes downtown Marietta for downtown Cincinnati!

On January 22, The Cincinnati Enquirer featured the 1937 Flood in its Forum section. On the back page, it ran this photo of "Downtown":

[Click Here for a larger version of this image]

Wondering what part of downtown we're looking at here? I was too -- the bridge is similar but not shaped quite like our old C&O Bridge. About two minutes of image searching for "Ohio River Bridge" on Google revealed the answer: it's the Williamstown-Marietta Bridge, 165 miles east of Cincinnati. What makes this mistake all the more inexcusable is that all of our bridges are visible from The Enquirer's offices.


  1. That's sooooo typical of the Enquirer.

  2. Where's that confounded bridge?
    sorry - somebody had to say it.

  3. I think the problem is that the caption doesn't explain what we're looking at. The caption says "The waters claimed 385 lives in the Ohio River region," which includes Williamstown/Marietta. The caption also references downtown Cincinnati, but it doesn't actually say we're looking at a photo of downtown.