Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cincinnati Enquirer scooped by blogger in South Korea!

A few days ago, I received this email:


This morning Randy Simes, who has been working in South Korea for the past six months, posted his TIGER III story on UrbanCincy.com and all hell broke loose.

Jane Prendergast quickly patched together a story of her own, which is now the top item on Cincinnati.com:


The Business Courier and Channel 5 also filed reports.


In other news, Peter Bronson hasn't updated his website in close to a year. I'd bet he was getting just 100-200 hits per day, or approximately what this infrequently updated blog gets. In other words, he was getting smoked by UrbanCincy.com (which has been operated for the past two years by someone who has lived, at minimum, 500 miles from the city) and even the dreadful Cincinnati Beacon.

So if The Enquirer disappeared tomorrow, and Barry Horstman and the lot each started their own blogs, would any of them build any kind of following? I doubt it, because nothing about their work at our city's daily paper indicates that they actually care enough to write about civic affairs for free.


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