Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colerain football coach doesn't understand St. X sarcasm

The controversy over St. Xavier High School students chanting "We've Got Jesus" during last week's defeat of Colerain has now received national attention. What's hilarious about all this is that nobody from Colerain or the local (or national!) media seems to understand that St. X students have always made a habit of poking at their own mythology. The fact is less than 50% of St. Xavier's student body is Catholic and relatively few St. X alums regularly attend church. So in laymen's terms St. Xavier is pretty damn close to being a secular school.

So to be perfectly clear, yes, I am saying that the St. X students were making fun of the sort of people who would say "We've Got Jesus" and the sort of people who would actually believe they were serious.

Dude, it was a joke (skip to 8:00):

We've Got Roast Beef:
And this "We've Got Jesus" thing was hardly the most obnoxious shibboleth to emerge from a
St. X mouth of late...the Arby's "Good Mood Food" guy is St. Xavier Class of 1996's own Andy Breving:
(BTW my VHS camcorder footage of Andy being booed while singing Morrissey songs back in 1995 is coming sometime soon to a youtube near you...)

St. Xavier doesn't really care about football
No disrespect to the football coaches or the players, but St. Xavier's culture doesn't revolve around athletics (Colerain's certainly does). The average St. X student doesn't care if the team wins or not. St. X would still be the best high school in the city if it had no athletic programs whatsoever. Because we've got Jesus.


  1. Regardless, that was in bad taste.

  2. Actually, the fact that you denigrate Colerain students' intelligence and insinuate that they can't grasp sarcasm is much more insulting than any football fan chant, Jake.

    Kevin LeMaster
    Colerain High School Class of 1992

  3. Kevin I'd bet the students understood, but apparently the coach got caught up in the emotion of the loss and the local media ran with it. Then this guy with Yahoo got involved, who can't possibly understand the subtleties of local rivalries.

  4. For years, you've even angus beef the way "the man" wants you to.