Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cincinnati Enquirer afraid to use the T-word!

Blink and you missed it, but on Tuesday Aug 16, 2011 The Cincinnati Enquirer announced it's changing to a tabloid print format in fall 2012. They left this news off their website (too busy featuring photos from the Keith Urban concert), perhaps afraid that bloggers would subject it to a round of ridicule. But at least one person under age 120 still buys the print edition with some regularity, and spotted this gem today while reading it today in McDonald's:


Click Here for a larger version of this article.


  1. When do they ditch the color ink?

  2. Color ink is only used when an advertiser pays for a color ad. That color ad then allows the rest of that page to be printed in color as well.

    With newspapers, everything is driven by ads. The "news hole" is what is leftover for news once the ads have gotten their placement. The black/white or color difference is driven just the same.

  3. There is one good thing about this, Tabloid formats are more transit friendly. Its the reason why the Sun-Times and the NY Post are in that format. Even the Tribune in Chicago now sells a tabloid edition for commuters.

  4. For reasons Neil stated above, I don't see anything wrong with the tabloid switch. Some have also groaned over the transfer of printing in Columbus, but it is a much more efficient way of printing dailies. It's cost-efficient for the Enquirer to switch operations, rather than building a new facility. It won't adversely impact the newspaper or opportunity to grow readership. In fact, I think the tabloid format would be more user-friendly and convenient for readers.