Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why isn't the Eric Deters story huge yet?

Who is behind the Eric Deters damage control? On Saturday The Morning After ran a small online article, but did not allow comments (see graphic at right). Keep in mind, this is the same newspaper that allowed anonymous comments on crime coverage, including murders, through 2009 -- with disastrous results.

Deters deleted his notorious video soon after posting it (is a "web technician" really necessary to edit and post such simple videos?). But a blogger copied it, and The Morning After, along with over a dozen other news outlets, linked to this backup in their weekend coverage. Not surprisingly, this backup version has disappeared.

Was this person paid off by Eric Deters, 700 WLW, CNN, or a combination of those three? No matter -- it has been copied onto dozens of hard drives and has already been posted elsewhere on the internet:

The disappearance of the Deters video on Youtube broke links from the following news outlets:

Covington -
Fox Columbus -
SpringField News Sun -
Fox 17 Nashville - -
ABC Dayton -
KFVS Midwest -
Fox 41 Louisville -
The Republic Columbus -
Daily Reporter Greenfield Indiana -
Marion Star -
Ebony Inspired -

Here are some of the forums that have topics based on him: -
Mass Discussion -
Lunatic Outpost -
Democratic underground -
Living and Gin's own Daily Kos post -
Racism Daily -
JMecklenborg's CNN IReport site(CNN refuses to vet the video) -

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