Friday, May 27, 2011

Kentucky Attorney Eric Deters makes bizarre racial comments

Update 3:18pm: CNN was contacted on this matter, and sent the response pictured at right.

Also, does anyone else here think that George Harrison's record company gave Deters permission for his web video theme music?


Original Post:

For some time I have been planning to remark on the phony that is Eric Deters, but the sudden appearance of this video motivated me to waste my lunch break putting together this abbreviated post.

This video speaks for itself:

While watching this, keep in mind that Eric Deters is part of a prominent family in the Northern Kentucky Democratic Party, and that he himself praised Obama early in his radio career (which began in 2008), then switched to Tea Party Rhetoric at some point in 2009.

I personally suspect that the man has a serious drug problem of some kind.

Also, despite 700 WLW providing endless free advertising for his restaurants, both have closed. He blamed the failure of his restaurant in Independence, KY on the local government. Most recently, Bulldog's Roadhouse, which replaced Jeff Ruby's Tropicana at Newport-on-the-Levee, closed without any attention from the media (haven't heard Deters' excuse yet).

In case this video is taken down, here is a transcript I copied and pasted from another blog:

“I have many black friends, and I have many black clients. Why? Because cops are usually tazing naked black men, so I got cases against cops. I represent black men and I have black friends. But let me tell you something about this. On my flag football team, every black guy on the team–this is just calling it straight right here, no political preference here–almost every, AW THE HELL WITH THAT, EVERY BLACK GUY ON MY FLAG FOOTBALL TEAM, went out with, lived with, and was married to a white woman, and smoked pot. I just want you to know that I understand black culture. If you want to conquer, If you want to conquer an African nation, SEND WHITE WOMEN AND POT. This is the bulldog. Every dog has their day. I hope tomorrow is yours.”



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