Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is Chris Smitherman getting his own show on 700WLW?

Is political bottom feeder Chris Smitherman and his ridiculous Smitherman on the Mic radio show moving from The Buzz to 700 WLW? After being a constant object of The Big One's ridicule for upwards of a decade, he has made about a dozen in-studio and call-in appearances on the station's various shows in early 2011.

One of the city's most important historic texts is Bossism in Cincinnati, published 1905. In it, author Henry Collier Wright says this of the Cox ward bosses: "They present themselves as Catholics to Catholics, and as Protestants to Protestants.

Fast-forward 106 years, and Chris Smitherman, in his initial appearance with Bill Cunningham in March, declared not only that he was raised Catholic, but that he was an altar boy. Remember, this is the same dude who back in 2004, a week after being sworn in on city council, declared war on the alums of Archbishop Elder High School.

Even more incredibly, he stole lines from Sean Hannity and Glen Beck in his high praises for former president Ronald Reagan, and in his subsequent appearances has positioned himself as a moderate Republican.

On the evening of May 4, Smitherman was given more than 20 minutes by 700 WLW host Mark Amazon to complain about the streetcar project and promote his various nutty causes. His lengthy call-in was followed by a half hour of audience calls, including this gem from a fake caller:

So in a spectacular Animal Farm moment, after eight years of dishing Smitherman the kind of punishment he deserves, 700 WLW is now kissing his ass. Bill Cunningham even spoke at the April NAACP meeting. Clearly, 700 WLW is attempting to expand its listenership to the city's black population, and Smitherman is just the scumbag to do their dirty work.


  1. That caller is incredible. Obviously fake, and I can't believe that people allow talk radio to get away with this nonsense.

    What I found particularly interesting is that Marc Amazon mispronounced enclave not once, but twice on-air. I guess pronouncing the word correctly would sound too French for his audience, so to score points with his lisenters he pushed forward with pretending as if the word is one not familiar with his vocabularly.

  2. It's frustrating when I spent six months researching a book that's sold a little over 1,000 copies and in 30 seconds this nonsense reaches 100,000, with no repercussions.